Personalized photo-books where you are the star!

Our personalized books break the barriers of traditional text customization: we place your pictures in the story, integrating them into the backgrounds of the books as if the person was from there. The title of the book is customized for you and the first page includes your dedication, to make the book yours. These books, with your real photos, are perfect for boys or girls, children of all ages. Our photo-books become treasured family keepsakes and will be read again and again.  

Group Books - the more copies of the same book are ordered for more kids, the lower the price will be; click on "check prices" to customize your own.
This book can be personalized for an entire class, daycare, or all children in your family  and ordered for each child at the lowest price possible. We can integrate 5, 10, or even 25 different pictures of different children in the same book and print the book as many times as you want. Check price or contact us so we can arrange for your special group offer and learn about our FREE books and discounts.

Digital Book:

Digital version of our book provides you with all designed pages of the book (28 files) as JPEG files, customized and ready for printing. All customized jpg files of each page come on a CD. When chose Digital Book, make sure you agree with our TERMS OF USE – see INFO. 

Delivery Time for CD (5-10 business days): Please allow 3–5 business days for customization and 3-5 business days (ground shipping). 

Your CD will contain all necessary files (pages and covers) as JPEG that can be printed up to 12” square format.

Why choose the digital version? 
Digital version means more freedom, so you can: 
•print the JPEG files as a book or as individual pictures or any photo items. 
•build the book in any size, or add more pages, texts or photos. 
•print the book as many times as you want (this book is not for re-selling). 
•choose your own printing company*. 
*We suggest using: Blurb, Inkubook, Shutterfly, AdoramaPix for printing. 
** When uploading the book's pages (JPEGs) to any of these printing companies, you will need to select Square Book as the book format and Full Bleed as the page format.

Printed Book:

Delivery Time (10 - 15 business days):
Please allow 3 – 5 business days for customizing your book, 5 business days for printing before your order ships. Once produced, your order will arrive within 3 to 5 business days (ground shipping).

Printed books come in 3 popular styles:
• BASIC - Regular Square ~8.5" with regular Soft Cover
• CLASSIC - Regular Square ~8.5" with Hard Cover (Image Wrap)
• DELUXE - Large Square 12" with Hard Cover (Image Wrap)

The price of the book depends on:
• number of customer's photos integrated in the book – suggested minimum 10 pictures and up to 25 photos; ordering the book with just 5 pictures means that the child will appear on only 5 pages of the book.
• covers and sizes - basic, classic or deluxe.
• number of the copies of the same book ordered for printing - the more copies of the same book, the cheaper the unit price will be!
When you customize your order based on all of these 3 choices - the [Unit Price] will automatically reflect your changes – prices include design and printing (shipping and taxes will be added later in the process).

A Gift To Remember - The Book for Groups! At Pixel Pole we've been working hard to create an inspirational gift for groups of children: classrooms, daycares, parties, camps. One book can be personalized for up to 25 kids: we can work with up to 25 different pictures of different children and integrate them all in the same book.
The more kids in the book and more copies of the same book ordered, the cheaper the price of one book will be!